After a herniated disc, the spine needs one thing above all: support. Therefore, it should not be too soft, because the body sinks too deep and the spine bends. Then it offers no support, which favors back and joint discomfort. However, the mattress should not be too hard, because the body is evenly fixed on it, but the intervertebral discs and lumbar spine are not relieved and the symptoms can worsen.

Which type of mattress is suitable for a herniated disc?

There are a variety of mattress types, but which are suitable for a herniated disc and the best choice?

Is cold foam mattress good at herniated disc?

A cold foam mattress is very elastic, adaptable and reacts precisely to the different body zones. For orthopedic diseases such as a herniated disc, a cold foam mattress with different zones and grade 2 is often good. The body is optimally supported and relieved in every part of the body. The discs can stretch easily and regenerate. The cold foam mattress is also breathable and permeable to moisture thanks to its open-pored structure.

Spring mattress in herniated disc

The spring mattress owes its name to the innerspring core, which consists of several small steel springs. In the event of a load, they give way, and when relieved they return to their original position. The springs optimally support the body. Especially recommended are pocket spring mattresses. The springs are separated from each other in fabric bags by these models. They are point elastic. The mattress gives only where the pressure is actually applied. It adapts optimally to the body so that an orthopedically correct sleep is guaranteed and the mattress is also suitable for a herniated disc or other back complaints thanks to the point elasticity.

Is Visco mattress suitable for a herniated disc?

The Visco mattress is the perfect choice for a herniated disc because it adapts well to the body shape. A big advantage is the very high point elasticity. The spine is optimally supported and the intervertebral discs are well relieved, which has a very positive effect on the nocturnal regeneration process.

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